Racquetball and squash equipment sold in sioux falls south dakota
We offer a wide variety of racquetball and squash racquets that will allow you to improve your skills. Volin's Racquets & Soccer offers racquets for everyone.

Strings and GripsRacquetball rackets for sale in sioux falls south dakota
Like tennis racquets squash racquets and racquetball racquets 
can experience loose strings and warn out grips. Volin's offers many kinds of strings that will fit your racquet and make it perform like new.  
Also, having the proper grip for your racquet can make a huge difference and our helpful staff is eager to help you find the perfect grip.

Volin's also offers the different type of racquetballs and squash balls that range in experience levels for every player.

Eye Guards
Although many athletes choose not to wear protective eyewear during recreational play, eye guards are often mandatory equipment during competition. Eye guards protect your fragile eyes from possibly permanent damage and offer considerable protection for low cost. Volin's recommends always wearing eye protection. 

Shoes are very important with racquetball and squash. You will need something that is comfortable and easy to move in so you can speed across the court. For more information on our shoes click here or scroll to the top of the page and click on the "Shoes" button.

Here in Sioux Falls South Dakota we offer Ektelon, Head or Wilson for your raquetball needs and Prince, Head, Wilson, or Dunlop for your squash needs.